The Country representatives serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees and supplement the organizing committee in the preparation of tournaments organized by Orate Africa Trust.

The first point of contact from schools is to their respective duly appointed country representatives. Each Country has only 1 country representative whose tenure is for two years and is renewable.

The role of the country representatives is to enable the championships to have different hosts in different countries as per need and further to suggest ways in which the Championships can be improved and more inclusive of Africa as a whole.

The list of duly appointed country representatives is available for download under the Documents section.


Every year, an invitation to bid to host shall be opened to all schools that have previously attended the Orate Africa Championships. If no school bids to host within the stipulated time, the Board of Trustees shall then ask any school to host in accordance with a resolution of such Trustees.

HOST OF LEG 1 2016/2017

University of Botswana/Botswana/Gaborone

17-21 December 2016


HOST OF LEG 2 2016/2017


12-16 April 2017


HOST OF LEG 1 2017/2018

Randfontein High School/ South Africa/Gauteng

9-13 December 2017


HOST OF LEG 2 2017/2018

Tanzania/Dar es Salaam

10-15 April 2018


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