1. Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of 5 individuals who also preliminarily serve in the Executive Committee. The Trustees are accountable to the Trust Beneficiaries and are obligated to provide a full report after every workshop/event/championships that uses the facilities and Trust funds.

In that respect, the Orate Africa trust has appointed auditors for their financial reports.


  1. Board of Country Representatives

These are individuals who are responsible for furthering the mandate of Orate Africa Trust in their respective Countries. By 2020, the representatives will be branch offices of the Trust with Uganda/Kenya as the East Africa regional Office and Liberia/Ghana as the West Africa Regional Office.


  1. Executive Committee

Whilst the 5 seats of Trustees are permanent, the Executive Committee positions are not permanent and will be vacant every three years.


Mokgabo is a University of Botswana Law graduate and is currently working at one of Gaborone’s reputable firms. Miss Thobega was in 2009, a finalist of Africa Schools Debate Championships where she was ranked amongst the top 10 best speakers.

She was amongst the top 6 Speakers at Pan Africa Universities Debate Championships 2010 hosted in Windhoek Namibia and was a Finalist Adjudicator (and first Motswana) Public Speaking World Universities Debate Championships 2011.

Miss Thobega was also the Chief Adjudicator Public Speaking for Zimbabwe PAUDC 2011, Ghana Nationals 2013, Accra, Nigeria PAUDC 2013, South Africa Nationals 2014( RunToGabzCity).

She is the original Author of Public Speaking Handbook. The handbook is currently available on eBooks and is a guide to competitive adjudication and speaking, adopted for use in all African Championships. She is the Winner and Finalist of International law Regional Moot Court Competition, Swaziland 2014 and represented University of Botswana at the International Human Right Conference hosted by Nairobi, Kenya. She is the Founder of Books Botswana Speaking Championships and was Convener from 2012-2014 (Now known as Orate Africa Championships)

As of 2017, she was selected as finalist for the Young African Leaders Initiative as well as selected to represent her country at the Youth in Leadership summit 2017, Johannesburg.



KEOAGILE EDWARD THOBGA- Finance and Sponsorship Director

Edward is a qualified Account and a Botswana Accountancy College Graduate. Edward is currently an Accounting lecturer at a reputable University in Gaborone and is a registered member of the Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA).

He was Deputy Chief Adjudicator of the  Botho University Linkz Debates 2013, Finalist Adjudicator Botswana Debate Open 2013, Finalist Judge South African Natinal Universities Debate Championship Public Speaking 2014, Best adjudicator Botswana Nationals 2013.

Edward was also Best Overall Adjudicator Botswana Nationals 2013, Books Botswana Speaking Championships Media Liasion Officer 2014-2015 and Chief Adjudicator Botho University Linkz Championships 2015


KITSO GOTHAN NDLOVU – Executive Secretary

A financial activist of note. Organised the GMW canvassing multiple schools around Gaborone into the strong will to aim for financial inclusion and liberation.
A Network member of Child Youth Finance International in Botswana. All in the grand scheme to promote a benign environment for financial literacy and Financial egalitarianism to bloom.

An all around Writer and Egalitarian who promotes parity across all creed, class and gender. He staunchly and actively advocates against feminization of Poverty for a better and sustainable economy. Set to attend the One Young World Summit (Bongota Summit) this coming October.

TUMELO SEJO BOITUMELO – Operations Director

Ms Boitumelo is a Financial Consultant by profession. She is a former champion of Linkz Challenge Debate 2012 and a finalist for the Green day activities public speaking competition.

She is a seasoned event planner, shown by her track record in being the Convener of the first and second Botswana Debate Open championships 2013 and 2014 respectively. She has also served as Accommodation Director, Registration Director and Crisis Director in the former Books Botswana Debate Championships from 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively. Ms, Boitumelo has also been Deputy Chief Adjudicator for Linkz Challenge competition, Public speaking category 2016. She has also served as Chief Adjudicator for University Of Botswana Green day activities Public speaking competition.
In her pursuit of planning events, she has also been part of the Organizing committee of the 8th Women in Business and Leadership Conference and Global Money week 2016 and 2017. 

Ms Boitumelo is also passionate about financial literacy, she is a blogger and contributor to the Business Weekly newspaper on the aforementioned topic. Among other organizations she is part of the Child and youth finance international and Fin-Gen. In pursuit of a financially literate society, she also serves as an advisor to a group of young people dedicated to change the financial education landscape in Botswana.
As of 2017, she is a YALI RSC-SA graduate with a certificate in Civic Leadership from Cohort 2. In the same year she had the pleasure to moderate the Youth speak 2017 panel discussion, hosted by AIESEC Botswana.


Persival graduated with an LLB form the University of Botswana in the year 2015 and his legal career kick-started with a pupillage contract with Modimo & Associates, one of the leading civil and corporate litigation practices in Botswana. He is still part of the Modimo & Associates team as a junior associate.

Apart from law, Mr Moreeng is an ambitious young man who has a passion for public speaking, debate and motivational talks. He has been involved in debate and public since his primary school days. He has participated in many national tournaments such as the .all schools championships, Botswana Open, Botswana tertiary debates and in house university debates such as the University of Botswana law society debates where his team ranked 1st three times in a row.

Persival has also adjudicated the Books Botswana Debate Championships and the SANDUC on more than one occasion. He is also a Gold medallist for the annual BOLESWA intervarsity moot court championships 2015. Currently his main desire is to give back to the community and train young speakers.

On a social level, Persy exudes the highest level of confidence, charm and the most ultimate sophistication. He believes that the way you carry yourself influences how the society in turn carries and views you. He is a team player, dream builder and teacher at heart.