Our organisation is a duly registered Trust whose main mandate is the promotion of Oration and Oratory skills in Botswana and Africa. Consequently, the Trust’s objectives are realised in four folds: Organisational, Socio-cultural, Adjudication and lastly through Inclusivity.



The Trust has the mandate to establish and maintain and co-operate links with various Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, other Government agencies, international Organizations and other bodies to meet the objectives of Orate Africa

This includes taking all the necessary steps to raise financial aid for beneficiaries and to collect, receive and hold all monies and other assets, becoming available to the community as a result of any appeal for funds or otherwise donated, granted, decreed, inherited or any other manner made or becoming available and which the Board of Trustees may in its discretion decide to accept on behalf of the community.

The Orate Africa Trust aims to be an internationally recognized body and as such is already in talks with prominent organizations such as Center for Human Rights, Heart of Europe Debate Tournament, Open Society Foundation, to mention a few with the aim of facilitating their mandate.



The Trust aims to promote school and community relations through participation in intellectual activities.

This will be achieved through, amongst other avenues, meeting and interacting with individuals from other countries in the context of social and intellectual activity with the aim of realizing opportunities for leadership and group participation.



Training workshops will be provided to teachers/coaches on a regular basis. The training is based on educational objectives and is aimed at polishing teachers and individuals who will make form part of the adjudication core at competitions and or local workshops.

Engaging local school teachers and interested individuals is pertinent as they need to understand and communicate various forms of argument effectively in a variety of contexts when engaging with the Trust.

The benefit of this adoption of adjudication is twofold. First to the students, there is confidence that their results are not being “cooked” since their adjudication is by independent persons. Students will ALWAYS receive personal feedback on their performance and areas on how they can improve for the next round.

Secondly, teachers are automatically pooled by registration into adjudication. They can learn through those with experience in their various panels, how to adjudicate then take this skill back to their schools where they will continue to teach their students in training sessions. So not only is there a competition for teachers to win the best overall teachers award, they also informally learn how to judge and assess their students’ performance at training sessions.

The Trust also aims to assist adjudicators to develop the ability to analyze debates, speeches and any other oration display. They will be exposed to international standards and will be the front runners, Botswana ambassadors.



The Orate Africa Championships will be hosted across Africa funds permitting.

This means that the Championships will be inclusive and will allow for all countries to have an opportunity to host and participate at these prestigious championships.

BOTSWANA AND KENYA are the first hosts of the Orate Africa Championships 2016/2017.


  • To enhance oration in Botswana and African countries by funding, supporting and starting projects that enrich oration skills for students.
  • Promoting, facilitation and organising of public and private projects that are likely to contribute to the educational, economic and social development of Botswana and Africa.
  • Promoting an integrated approach to development through the establishment of linkages between oration, poverty eradication, employment creation and capacity building programmes.
  • To offer a platform to enable youth to tap on their creativity and energy to improve delivery of public services and related services.
  • To oversee development of general oration in Botswana including but not limited to debate, public speaking, spelling bee, moot court, quiz and short stories and poetry.
  • To oversee, facilitate and promote fraternal affiliations for the benefit and development of oration and leadership skills in Botswana and Africa as a whole. In performing this function, the Orate Africa Trust shall be involved in, amongst others:


a. significant training for the development of students communicative abilities;

b. provision of opportunities for students to practice and share their skill development;

c. Promotion of peaceful coexistence amongst youth in Africa and promotion of dialogue as a weapon to fight injustice;

d. Creation of a platform where orators are kept abreast of new trends through regular training seminars;

e. Exposure of young African speakers to international competitions;

f. Creation of a platform for growth, not only in oratory skills, but also in analytical and critical thought skills;

g. Engagement of African Youth on matters concerning the continent and abroad;

h. Creation of learning situations in which students develop proficiencies based on sound educational and communication theories;

i. Clarification of personal and social values through confrontation with the value judgments of others.



The Trust hosts its own name Championships on a yearly basis on rotational basis across Africa. The Trust has incorporated exciting foundations for mental stimulation through the promulgation of 6 categories. The competitive categories shall include:


  1. Debate (World Schools Style)
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Spelling Bee
  4. Quiz
  5. Short Stories and Essays
  6. Moot Court
  7. Poetry


The Categories of competition shall be divided as follows:


Leg 1

  • Debate
  • Public Speaking
  • Spelling Bee


Leg 2

  • Moot Court
  • Poetry
  • Quiz and Short Stories



The Championships shall be hosted on a rotational basis depending on the availability of bidding countries. The rotation shall be between FIVE regions of Africa; namely:

  1. Central Africa
  2. East Africa
  3. North Africa
  4. Southern Africa
  5. West Africa

The Orate Africa competitions are open to all High schools in Africa regardless of race, gender or origin as long as the participants are registered high school students in duly registered and recognized schools.

Having said that, the Orate Africa Trust shall reserve a maximum of 20 team slots combined from all categories for teams and schools originating from outside Africa. The said teams will be eligible to break and win the championships.

The purpose of the aforementioned provision is to give African students a taste of international competition on their home soil thus galvanising the idea that African students are very much on par with their global counterparts.



As is our mandate, the Trust will not be limited to the Orate Africa Championships. The Trust is and can be engaged by other private companies to organize on their behalf oratory events using our database of schools (Botswana, S.A.D.C or Africa in General).


This could be your company. The Trust will ensure that ALL operational logistics are taken care of and your company is at the forefront of the ORATORY project